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Secugen - DNA Sequencing - Service Request

4. Service Request

Once you have received the material provided by Secugen, you should fill in the service request form.
Clicking on Request Form you will be able to select a service request form that corresponds with the service you are requesting.

You must download, print and fill in the service request form to submit samples to Secugen because the Request Form contains a barcode that identify the customer, billing data and the characteristics of the samples.

If you are submitting an analysis that need special conditions, it is very important that you clearly state that in the Request Form, because it is the only way we can attend your specific request.

The analysis of samples that are incorrectly processed by using our standard conditions due to lack of specific instructions in the request form will be charged to the customer. Please, be sure that the Request Form you are sending contains all the necessary information to process your samples the way you want.