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Secugen - Contact - Faq´s

Genetic Diagnostic

  • 1.What type of tube I must use to obtain the blood for a molecular diagnostic study?

    In general, for any molecular genetics study, a 5 ml EDTA tube (purple cap) is required.
    In doubt or special tests consult to Secugen previously.

  • 2. Do I need to use the tube that secugen shipping or may i use other similar tube?

    If you have received tubes from Secugen that you cannot use or are not valid for your extraction system, you can use any EDTA tube (purple cap).

  • 3. If I request for more than a test, should i send a tube for each analysis?

    Usually a single tube of blood with 3-5 ml is sufficient to perform several analyzes.

  • 4. If I had isolated the dna, can i send it to Secugen?

    If your DNA has a purity (absorbance ratio 260/280 nm) between 1.7 and 1.9, except in exceptional cases, your DNA will be valid for the molecular genetics study.

  • 5. Can I use other than blood samples?

    Yes, you can use other types of samples such as saliva, skin or muscle biopsy, amniotic fluid, etc.
    In these cases, please consult to Secugen previously.

  • 6. Is the responsibility of Secugen the sample transportation?

    Yes, for samples sent from Spain, Secugen is responsible for collecting the sample and transfer it to our laboratory, ensuring the quality of the process.

  • 7. Can I send the sample on my own?

    Yes, you can send us the sample directly to our laboratory.

  • 8. What documents should I send attached with the sample?

    For each sample is necessary to send us the application form of the test, filled and signed with information on the ordering physician, and the letter of undertaking to pay.
    In your first time, you must also send us the customer sheet, stating in which fiscal data center billing.

  • 9. How long does it take to get the result?

    In general, most studies are conducted within 30 days of receipt of the sample in our laboratory.

  • 10. Must I send a new sample if I need request a new test for a patient was tested before?

    No, we store samples for several months.
    Consult before to do a new extraction to the patient, in most cases it is not necessary and can speed up the process of the study.

  • 11. What is the procedure to request a new analysis of a sample that was sent to Secugen?

    Contact to the laboratory.

  • 12. Can I get other diagnostics not listed in the website?

    For a newly diagnosed, you must contact to Secugen and explain which diagnostic you are requiring for.
    In most cases Secugen will develop it and may provide the diagnostic in approximately 45 days.

  • 13. How can I contact to know the status of a test?

    Contact to the laboratory and you will be informed ASAP.

  • 14.Where should I contact to solve an administrative incidence?

    Our administration department will resolve any administrative advocacy on bills.

  • 15. Which quality systems is accredited Secugen in?

    The Secugen’s quality system is certified according to ISO9001.
    We are also licensed by the Health Bureau of Madrid Region Government to perform genetics analysis (CS12137), and we participate as members of the EMQN (European Molecular Genetics Quality Network) in trials of DNA sequencing and diagnostic of Huntington's disease and spinocerebellar ataxias.