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Secugen - DNA Sequencing - Service Request

6. Results Delivery

Secugen will inform you when your results are ready by e-mail and deposit the sequences in your Personal Folder for each Account (Billing Center). You can access to this folder via internet, entering Secugen web page with your user and password. A Statistical Report with us is also available and can be accessed by clicking on them.

Upon receiving your sample at Secugen:

  1. An e-mail will immediately be sent to you indicating the beginning of the sequencing process.
  2. Once sequencing is finished, you will receive a new e-mail indicating that the analysis has been completed and the name of the Folder deposited in your Personal Folder that contains your results in a ZIP format. This folder should be copy and saved in your own computer. This process takes two and a half days to be finished after the sample reception.

*Important Note: The longest sequence may be obtained up to 1000 nucleotides.

*Important Note: The personal folders has not be used to storage the sequences. We recommend you delete your result when these samples have been downloaded to free up storage in your folders.

With time the customer will generate a history profile with Secugen. Clicking on the button User Statistics, you will have access to your sequencing statistics.