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Secugen - DNA Sequencing - Service Request

3. Material Request

The samples must be submitted to Secugen using special tubes and sticky labels with personalized barcodes that Secugen will previously provide to the customer by standard mail.

These personalized barcodes identify the customer samples and allow tracking them through the entire sequencing process.

By clicking on the option Material Orders, you can order the materials you may need and those will immediately be sent to your postal address.
Samples sent to Secugen using other tubes or labels will not be accepted, because the tube colors and labels with barcodes are necessary to identify the customers and samples through the sequencing process.

Available material:

1 - Colored Eppendorf® tubes
2 - 96-well plates: Recommended for 48 or 96 samples:

White Eppendorf Tubes: These are used for sequencing reactions that use primers from the list provided by Secugen.
Purple Eppendorf Tubes: These are used for sequencing reactions that use primers provided by the customer.
Every package of materials (tubes) includes 50 Eppendorf tubes and 50 triplicate bar-coded labels.

If the number of samples to be submitted to Secugen is large, we recommend to use a 96-well plate format that will also be identified with bar code labels (see figure).

*Important Note: Plates should have 48 or 96 samples, if there were more than 48 or less that 96, the samples that exceeded the 48 samples must be submitted in tubes. If less than 48 samples are submitted in half plate they will be charged as 48 samples. (See paragraph “use of Eppendorf®” tubes or plates)

Every package of material (plates) includes 10 (ten) 96-well plates, 10 sealing sheets and 10 triplicated plate barcoded labels.