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Secugen - DNA Sequencing - Prices

Registration as a Secugen customer is free and will allow you to request a package of tubes and labels for the sequencing of three samples without any charge.
You will be able to verify the simplicity and quality of our DNA sequence services and test our procedures for future orders.

PCR Thermocycler
Snapshot Profile

Running a ready-to-load samples and fragments

Tube - Consult us
48 Well Plates - 108 €
96 Well Plates - 216 €
Eppendorf Tube

Material: tubes

50 tubes
50 triplicated barcoded labels

3,50 €
PCR Plate

Material: plates

10 96-well plates
10 sealing sheets
10 triplicated barcoded labels

25,00 €

Colony sequencing

Additional cost service

1,25 €
Clonaje Amplicones

Amplicon PCR cloning

Up to 10 kb in TA vector.
Two clone sequencing (both strants).

250,00 €

* 96 well plates (96 reactions 2.49€ each) 239 €
* 48 well plates 125 €.

* For other samples, special samples or sequencing difficulties must first contact with the Technical Service to consult its price.

* VAT not applicable for customers outside of Spain.

Secugen offers special prices, prior consulting, for large numbers of samples or when contracting multiple sequencing analyses on account.

Important Note: Samples that failed to be sequenced for reasons beyond our control will be charged in the invoice.
For this reason, if the customer anticipates sequencing difficulties of any sample we recommend contacting in advance our Customer Service to receive technical support.