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Secugen - Genetic Diagnostic - Analysis Request

1. Material Request

  • From Spain

    -   You can request us, by telephone or e-mail, the necessary materials for sample shipment. In this case, we will send you for each sample: In this case, we will send you:

    • 1 Vacutainer tube with EDTA (blood sample) or Oragene kit (saliva sample) for sample collection.
    • 1 Request form.
    • 3 identical barcode labels that guarantee the sample traceability.
    • Outer packaging suitable for the transport.

    -   You can send us the sample in your own material. In this case, when we receive your sample it will be labeled to ensure the traceability of the process.

  • From other countries

    You have to send us the sample with your own materials. It is advisable to send purified DNA. If you are sending saliva we recommend the use of Oragene kit.