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Secugen - DNA Sequencing - Analysis Offered

DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing

we are able to determine the nucleotide sequence of DNA samples cloned in multitude of vector, or that has been amplified by PCR, using the most advance chemistry (BigDye® Terminator v3.1).

We have the experience of having realized countless numbers of sequences from many diverse origins and difficulties.

Normally we obtain sequences that reach lengths up to 900 pair of bases.

Our expert staff will guide inexperienced customers in the DNA preparation and will give technical support for sequencing difficult samples.

This support is free of charge and has the only aim to optimize the sequence technologies, fitting our customer needs and therefore introducing these methods in their field of expertise in an economic way.

  1. Plasmid or PCR fragments
  2. Other samples
    • Phages
    • Cosmids
    • BACs
    • Plasmids straight from colony (We recommend to contact us before the first use of this service
    • Difficult samples